ver 2.3.02 Released


ver 2.3.02 Released

A new version of 'Find my Font' was released today. Many existing features have been fine-tuned and some new ones have been added.

Version 2.3

Added Font Browsing functionality (v2.3.00)
Font Browsing video :: A demonstration of font browsing and identifying similar fonts using the 'Find my Font' program

The user may now browse for fonts on his computer by typing a part of a font's name. The program will display a list with fonts that contain that word in their family name or font style. The user may display some text using any of the browsed fonts.

Even more important, the user may also find fonts that are visually similar to the browsed font. A very important and invaluable feature for Graphic Designers and Type Enthusiasts. See Screenshot

Added Context sensitive menu   (v2.3.01)

Clicking the right mouse button (ctrl-click for Mac OS X) on any font will give the user a menu with details about the selected font as well as a set of commands available for it.

Added support for Type 1 fonts   (v2.3.02)

The FontSets may now include Type 1 fonts. These are postscript fonts available for both Mac and PC. On the Mac OS X, suitcases are also supported.   More details

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Improvement in font matching speed
  • Matching shows more similar fonts
  • Added Horizontal & Vertical splitters to the 4 main areas
  • More accurate remaining time estimate
  • Added font's copyright info in font details area
  • Fixed screen capture on Mac OS/X Lion
  • Sticky Letter Splitter tool (multiple cuts)


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ver 3.3.14 Released

New: Dutch Translation. Nu verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands.



Our Dec. Winners

Congratulations to our Dec. drawing winners: Ricardo and Rueben.



Better Performance

Now Find my Font identifies twice as many fonts in half the time !

How many fonts do you have on your computer?