ver 3.0 Released


ver 3.0 Released

A new version of 'Find my Font' was released today. This is a major release and many new features have been added.

Version 3.0

Online Font identification * 

The program will now identify fonts even if they are not located on the user's computer. It will communicate with our online font identification server and identify fonts within a few seconds. The online font matches are displayed along with the local (on your computer) matches and are sorted by matching accuracy.

The user may still see a preview of the matching fonts whether local or online.

Online Font Database  

Softonium Developments has created an extensive Online Font Database that contains all major Commercial and Non Commercial fonts. This database is used for online font identification and is enriched daily with new fonts to ensure that you can identify even the latest font releases.

Online Font Previews * 

Double clicking on an online identified font will take you to the Online Font Preview page. This page displays analytic details about the selected font in various tabs:
  • Font Information
  • Font Download links
  • Font preview Tab
  • Character Set Tab
  • Waterfall Tab
  • Sample Tab
  • Feedback Tab

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Automatic text-wrap on long text previews
  • A list of presets is added to the 'Text to Display' field
  • Browsed fonts sorting is now not case sensitive
  • Automatic backup of the main fontset file

* Requires internet connection.


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Better Performance

Now Find my Font identifies twice as many fonts in half the time !

How many fonts do you have on your computer?