ver 3.1 Released


ver 3.1 Released

A new version of 'Find my Font' was released today. This is a major release and many new features have been added.

Version 3.1Deformation steps

Image Correction tool  

This new tool allows the user to make multiple corrections on the image such as:
  • Deformation correction
  • Image enlargement
  • Image mirroring
  • Contrast correction
  • Image expansion

All the above corrections can be performed on the whole image or any part of it. A preview is shown at all the times to allow the user to perform the necessary adjustments before finalizing the correction.

Network Parameters  

The program now allows the user to indicate if he's using a proxy to connect to the internet and the parameters for the connection.

Improved Baseline Rotation tool

The tool now shows vertical lines to make the 'horizontalize' operation much easier.

Tool tips  

The new tool tip area provides useful information about the selected tool. The user may also adjust the tool's parameters in this area.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Mac OS interface corrections


Older Versions

Latest News


ver 3.3.14 Released

New: Dutch Translation. Nu verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands.



Our Dec. Winners

Congratulations to our Dec. drawing winners: Ricardo and Rueben.



Better Performance

Now Find my Font identifies twice as many fonts in half the time !

How many fonts do you have on your computer?