Welome to the Find my Font blog

Well, we finally got around to it.

We've wanted to do it for ages but somehow never managed to put fingers-to-keyboard until now....
So, drum-roll please... welcome to the Find my Font Blog.

Our intention is simple - to blog about pretty much anything we find interesting and helpful to our customers and type enthusiasts. Now, obviously it'll have tips and tricks for Find my Font users, we might share a review on a font we have loved (or hated) for years, an announcement for an event or a promotion we're about to offer, or it might just be a line to say we've added some new fonts to out Online Database.

We're hoping to get most of the Find my Fonts team involved - so you might see an article from our font expert, a Senior developer or our Operations Manager. Either way, we hope you enjoy the Blog and we'd love to hear your comments on it.


+1 # JMorken 2014-09-28 10:39
Glad to see you have a blog now. :roll:
Looking forward to your first posts.
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