ver 3.4.00 Released

A new version of Find my Font was released today.

This release contains the first 64 bit version of Find my Font (macOS only).

Version 3.4

Find my Font 64 bit (macOS only)  

  • Find my Font for macOS is now a 64 bit application (3.4.00)
  • Find my Font 64 bit is able to run on macOS Catalina (3.4.00)


Minor corrections / improvements

  • Fixed minor GUI issues
  • Fixed application restart issue on Activation/Deactivation (3.4.00)
  • Fixed FmF Server connection SSL certificate issue (3.4.00)
  • Fixed SAi Server connection issues (3.4.02 - Windows only)
  • Fixed Help & Install-Font issues (3.4.02 - Windows only)


Older Versions

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