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This FAQ covers questions about your Find my Font purchase, registration or customer account . Questions of a more technical nature are covered by the community forum. If you have questions regarding the installation and usage of the application, please read the Product FAQ.

Do I have to activate my product?

The Find my Font Pro edition requires you to activate the product once before using it.

To prevent unauthorized use of its software, Find my Font includes an activation process that must be completed after installing the software. The process is prompted when you first use the software and takes just a few seconds to complete. No personal information is captured or transmitted during the process.

What is my license number ?

A license number is a code of the form : XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX and uniquely identifies your product. You need your license number to activate your product.

When you purchase a Find my Font Pro edition an email is sent to you which includes your License Number.

Alternatively you can find the license number of your purchased product(s) by loging in to the findmyfont.com site. Open the User menu (click on your name on the upper right hand corner). Now select Account Info. You can find the license number(s) in the purchased products section.

     Account Infomation page

Do I have an account ?

In order to purchase a Find my Font product you have to provide some details such as a username, password and email. These details are used to automatically create an account with us. The account allows you to have better customized support and gives you access to your details such as payments, activations, upgrades etc. All these are available through the Account Info page. To access this page you need to login to the findmyfont.com web site. See the next question for details on how to login to our site.

If you purchase another product later, you don't have to re-enter your details again.

How do I login to this site ?

To login to the findmyfont.com web site click on the Members Login link in the top right corner.
   Members Login Link 
In the window that pops-up enter your username and password. Click the LOG IN button to login.
   Login Window
Once you login, the User menu will be available (click on your name on the upper right hand corner). From this menu you can see details about your account, payments and purchased products. You may also join our affiliate program from this menu. 

How can I see details about my account ?

Login to the findmyfont.com site and select Account Info from the Members menu. Here you will find registration details such as you full name, email, company etc. You will also find details about your payments and your purchased products.
     Account Infomation page

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