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Find my Font is supplied in three editions.
The Free trial (30 days) and the Pro (commercial) editions are for desktop computers with Mac OS X or Windows operating systems. The mobile edition is for devices running iOS or Android.
  • Free

    Try it out now.
    You'll love it!
    $ 0 Low Online Match Priority 30 Days Usage Period Up to 900 fonts searched on your PC Up to 2 local fontsets
  • Pro

    Unlimited power for professionals
    $ 49 High Online Match Priority Unlimited Usage Period Unlimited fonts searched on your PC Unlimited local fontsets
  • Mobile

    Work or Play
    Take the fun with you!
    $ 0 High Online Match Priority Unlimited Usage Period Available for iOS and Adroid devices Use the camera or gallery
  • 1
  Free Pro Mobile
Open Image  included  included  included
Screen Capture  included  included  
Take Photo      included
Image rotate  included  included  included
Smart letter selection  included  included  included
Fast Font Matching  included  included  included
Browse Computer's Fonts  included  included  
Isolate Script letters  info  included  included  included
Horizontalize text  info  included  included  included
Unicode support  info  included  included  
Local Font Match  info  included  included  
Online Font Match  info  included  included  included
Multi language  info  included  included  
Online Match Priority  Low  High  High
Usage Period  30 Days  Unlimited  Unlimited
Max local fonts searched  900  Unlimited  N/A
Max local fontsets  2  Unlimited  N/A
Price Free $ 49 Free

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