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What's new in the latest version

Version 3.3

Language selection  
First localized version of Find my Font. You can now select your language between:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French (v 3.3.13)
  • German (v 3.3.02)
  • Portuguese (Br) (v 3.3.05)
  • Italian (v 3.3.06)
  • Dutch (v 3.3.14)
  • Greek (v 3.3.07)

New online search font category:
  • Added Exclusive search for "Google Web Fonts" (v 3.3.02)

Minor corrections / improvements
  • Fixed minor GUI issues
  • Fixed false "App Already running" message (v 3.3.02)
  • Fixed "App window going off-screen" issue (v 3.3.07)
  • Fixed corrupted License file issue (v 3.3.10)
  • Added Support for Gerber Technology fonts(v 3.3.10)
  • Added Support for Gerber Omega Edition Licenses  (v 3.3.10)
  • Fixed Invisible GUI Fonts in Mac OS X El Capitan(v 3.3.12)

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