Version History - 'Find my Font'

The 'Find my Font' application has undergone several changes since its first version. Numerous additional features and enhancements have also been provided.

The following is a list of the major changes that were released in each version:

Version 3.3

Feb. 28, 2015

Language selection  

First localized version of Find my Font. You can now select your language between:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French (v 3.3.13)
  • German (v 3.3.02)
  • Portuguese (Br) (v 3.3.05)
  • Italian (v 3.3.06)
  • Dutch (v 3.3.13)
  • Greek (v 3.3.07)

New online search font category:

  • Exclusive search for "Google Web Fonts" (v 3.3.02)

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Fixed minor GUI issues (3.3.05 / 3.3.10)
  • Fixed false "App Already running" message (v 3.3.02)
  • Fixed "App window going off-screen" issue (v 3.3.07)
  • Fixed corrupted License file issue (v 3.3.10)
  • Added Support for Gerber Technology fonts (v 3.3.10)
  • Added Support for Gerber Omega Edition Licenses  (v 3.3.10)
  • Fixed Invisible GUI Fonts in Mac OS X El Capitan(v 3.3.12)

Version 3.2

Oct. 5, 2014

Online Matching Font Category Selection  

You can now select a font category for online matching such as:
  • All Fonts (Both Fremium & Commercial)
  • Freemium (Downloadable Fonts: Free, Demos, etc.)
  • Commercial (Only commercial fonts)

License Deactivation/Move  

The program now allows the user to remove/deactivate the license and to re-activate it again on the same or another computer.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Online fonts list now shows font category: Freemium/Commercial
  • "Show Details" state is now saved in application preferences
  • Fixed minor GUI issues

Version 3.1

Dec. 5, 2012

Image Correction tool  

This new tool allows the user to make multiple corrections on the image such as:
  • Deformation correction
  • Image enlargement
  • Image mirroring
  • Contrast correction
  • Image expansion

All the above corrections can be performed on the whole image of any part of it. A preview is shown at al the times to allow the user to perform the necessary adjustments before finalizing the correction.

Network Parameters  

The program now allows the user to indicate if he's using a proxy to connect to the internet and the parameters for the connection.

Improved Baseline Rotation tool

The tool now shows vertical lines to make the 'horizontalize' operation much easier.

Tool tips  

The new tool tip area provides useful information about the selected tool. The user may also adjust the tool's parameters in this area.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Mac OS interface corrections

Version 3.0

May. 5, 2012

Online Font identification * 

The program will now identify fonts even if they are not located on the user's computer. It will communicate with our online font identification server and identify fonts within a few seconds. The online font matches are displayed along with the local (on your computer) matches and are sorted by matching accuracy.

The user may still see a preview of the matching fonts whether local or online.

Online Font Database  

Softonium Developments has created an extensive Online Font Database that contains all major Commercial and Non Commercial fonts. This database is used for online font identification and is enriched daily with new fonts to ensure that you can identify even the latest font releases.

Online Font Previews * 

Double clicking on an online identified font will take you to the Online Font Preview page. This page displays analytic details about the selected font in various tabs:
  • Font Information
  • Font Download links
  • Font preview Tab
  • Character Set Tab
  • Waterfall Tab
  • Sample Tab
  • Feedback Tab

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Automatic text-wrap on long text previews
  • A list of presets is added to the 'Text to Display' field
  • Browsed fonts sorting is now not case sensitive
  • Automatic backup of the main fontset file

* Requires internet connection.

Version 2.3

Nov. 17, 2011

Added Font Browsing functionality (v2.3.00)
Font Browsing video :: A demonstration of font browsing and identifying similar fonts using the 'Find my Font' program

The user may now browse for fonts on his computer by typing a part of a font's name. The program will display a list with fonts that contain that word in their family name or font style. The user may display some text using any of the browsed fonts.

Even more important, the user may also find fonts that are visually similar to the browsed font. A very important and invaluable feature for Graphic Designers and Type Enthusiasts. See Screenshot

Added Context sensitive menu   (v2.3.01)

Clicking the right mouse button (ctrl-click for Mac OS X) on any font will give the user a menu with details about the selected font as well as a set of commands available for it.

Added support for Type 1 fonts   (v2.3.02)

The FontSets may now include Type 1 fonts. These are postscript fonts available for both Mac and PC. On the Mac OS X, suitcases are also supported.   More details

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Improvement in font matching speed
  • Matching shows more similar fonts
  • Added Horizontal & Vertical splitters to the 4 main areas
  • More accurate remaining time estimate
  • Added font's copyright info in font details area
  • Fixed screen capture on Mac OS/X Lion
  • Sticky Letter Splitter tool (multiple cuts)

Version 2.2

Added support for 'fake' Bold and Italic fonts  

The user may now specify that he wants the program to search for Bold/Italic fonts that are not part of a FontSet. This is achieved by generating a fake in-memory bold/italic font from a normal one and then matching on it. When the matching is finished the fake font is destroyed.

Added "Take Screenshot" command  

The program now allows you to capture the screen and use the screen shot as the image for font matching. Ideal for cases where you don't have the text in an image file but is displayed in another program or web browser.

Improved preferences dialog

The preferences dialog window has been simplified to make parameters easier to understand and adjust.

Improved Help contents

The help contents have been improved both aesthetically and functionally. New guiding sections were added.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • The max number of fonts in a FontSet has been increased from 65K to 1 Million fonts
  • Font installation in Vista/Win7 (UAC fixed)
  • Baseline rotation with right click (fixed)
  • Improved cursor shape update

Version 2.1

Improved indexing/matching algorithm

The indexing and font matching algorithms were re-written in order to achieve even higher speeds. More specifically the indexing speed has been increased by 40% while the font matching speed has increased by 60%.
Now matching speeds may exceed 3 Million fonts per minute

Added Support for non-Unicode fonts  

The program now supports fonts that do not contain a unicode character table. These fonts are usually older ttf fonts that contain only the ANSI character set.

Match Any Letter  

The program now allows you to look for a match without specifying the corresponding letter. This way you may search for symbols and other special characters in fonts.

Added Baseline Rotation tool  

You may now easily 'horizontalize' letters or words with the click of a button.
Makes it very easy to select/match letters on an arc or curve.

Added Letter Splitter tool  

Allows you to easily mark boundaries of letters. This way you may select/match connected letters in a script font.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • ctrl key performs all operations of Shift-Key (append letter, zoom-out)
  • added system font indexing
  • Improved progress bar (added time estimation)
  • added drag and drop for opening images
  • refresh if FontSet directory is empty (fixed)
  • MAC OS/X Stop matching button/ESC (fixed)

Version 2.0

MAC OS/X support  

Now 'Find my Font' is available for the MAC OS/X. Compatible with MAC OS/X 10.4 + (Intel Based).
Development will continue targeting both platforms (Mac OS/X & Windows)

Indexing of fonts  

The program now supports indexing of FontSets. Indexing is done once and speeds up the matching process by 15X. Now matching a font takes less than a second!
You may also specify the ranges of the letters you want indexed.

Locate / Install font  

Once a font has been matched you may see details about it such as its family, FontSet, filename and folder where it's located.
With a click of a button you may open the font, install the font on your system or be directed to the folder containing the font.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • The Red Flood-Fill of input image is removed on Undo and ClearAllBitmaps actions
  • Letter remove rectangle added to selected letters
  • Log mechanism added
  • Letter selection tolerance added
  • Preferences are saved on PreferencesDialog [OK] click
  • Progress bar added in Load/Save FontSets operation

Version 1.1


The program now supports FontSets. You can create FontSets in order to specify the folders that contain fonts. You may also indicate the order in which the program is going to use the FontSets as well as which ones are active.

Rotate image  

You may now rotate images in order to select letters from images that are not scanned aligned to the baseline of the text to match.

Minor corrections / improvements

  • Letter selection improved
  • Support for more image types
  • Help function added

Version 1.0

Initial Release

'Find my Font' is released to the public after extensive beta testing.

Even more important, he may also find fonts that are visually similar to
      the browsed font.

Latest News


ver 3.3.14 Released

New: Dutch Translation. Nu verkrijgbaar in het Nederlands.



Our Dec. Winners

Congratulations to our Dec. drawing winners: Ricardo and Rueben.



Better Performance

Now Find my Font identifies twice as many fonts in half the time !

Did you know?
'Find my Font' is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.
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