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Do you use Find my Font every day?

Do you consider it an invaluable tool?

Did you ever try to identify a font and just couldn't?

Here are some great news for all you Find my Font enthusiasts.

   Now Find my Font identifies twice as many fonts in half the time !

 Matching Font ListIt took us a lot of time and many developers but we finally did it. Our online font database now includes more than 125,000 unique typefaces. At the same time we reduced the average online matching speed to less than 3 seconds. What this means for you is that you will be able to identify almost any font in existence and you will do it faster than ever. 

Here are the details of what it took to get our online Database to this level of performance:

It all started 5 months ago when we decided to do a major update to our online font database. We started contacting many small font foundries to get a list of their most recent releases. At the same time our developers focused on optimizing even more the server matching algorithms. After we completed all our updates we were still not 100% happy with the results. We wanted to increase the matching speed even more. At this point we had an enormous font collection and the average matching speed was about 7 seconds.

Identification ServersIn order to achieve the performance we had hoped for, some drastic changes had to take place. Again two separate teams worked parallel to each other. One team examined all fonts one by one and eliminated duplicates or invalid fonts, while the other team separated the server functionality and spread it into three different servers. A matching/identification server, a preview server and the web server. After some more optimizations and tweaking we achieved and exceeded the desired performance.

The cleaned up font list includes over 125,000 fonts (41,000 free, 84,000 commercial) while the average matching speed is less than 3 seconds.

All this was done for our valued clients. Our mission is always to help you identify any font (commercial or free) whether you have it on your computer or not and to do that as fast as possible.

We would like to thank you all for your support and your excellent recommendations.

Stay tuned as we are also preparing an update to the Find my Font application itself.


Font Database details

Our database now includes fonts from the following Free / Downloadable font sources:

  • Google Web Fonts
  • Dieter Steffmann
  • Iconian Fonts
  • OPTI/Castcraft

You can always identify fonts that are distributed with Mac OS or MS Windows 

We included most fonts of the following font retailers: 

As a result you can identify almost all fonts of the following commercial font foundries & designers:

205, 2DTypo, Absolut Foundry, Acme Collection, ActiveSphere, Adobe, Adriprints, Adtypo, Aga Silva, Agfa, AKTF, Albatross, Alexandra Korolkova, Alien, Alphabet Soup, ALT, Altered Ego, Andinistas, Andrij Type, Apple, Archive Type, Aring Typeface AB, Art & Sign, Artcity, ARTypes, Arty Type, Ascender, Astigmatic, ASType, Atlantic Fonts, Atlas Font Foundry, Australian Type Foundry, Autographis, BA Graphics, Bannigan Artworks, Berthold, Betatype, Bitstream, Blambot, BlueVinyl Fonts, Bompartes Fonts, Borges Lettering, Breaking The Norm, Brownfox, BRtype, Buttfaces, Calligraphics, Canada Type, Cape Arcona, Carnoky Type, Carter&Cone, Castle Type, Catharsis, Celebrity Fontz, Chank, Characters, Chris Costello, Comicraft, Commercial Type, Correspondence Ink, Cubanica, Cultivated Mind, Dalton Maag, Dan X. Solo, Darden Studio, Dayflash, Decade Type Foundry, Dennis Ortiz Lopez, Dezcom, Die Typonauten, Doo Type, Drewfonts, Driemeyer Design, DSType, DTP Types, Dutchfonts, Eimantas Paskonis, Elsner+Flake, Emigre, Emily Lime, Emtype, Enrich Design, Evertype, Exclamachine, Exljbris, Faberfonts, FaceType, FDI, Feliciano, Fenotype, Fewell Foundry, Flanker, Flat-it, Font Bureau, FontBoy, FontDiner, Fontfabric, Fontforecast, FontHaus, Fonthead Design, Font Meister, Font Mesa, Fontmill, Fontpartners, Fontron, Fontschmiede, FontShop, FontsOfChaos, Fountain, Galapagos, Garage Fonts, Gestalten, Glyph Systems, Graffiti Fonts, Graviton, Green Type, Grilli Type, Hackberry, Hamburger Fonts, Handselecta, Hanoded, Harolds Fonts, hgo, Hiekka Graphics, HiH Retrofonts, Hoefler&Co, Hoftype, HoldFast Foundry, House Industries, Hubert Jocham, Huerta Tipografica, HVD Fonts, IC Fonts, Identikal, Image Club Graphics, Indian Type Foundry, Ingrimayne Type, Insigne, Intellecta Design, Isaco, ITC, JAW Fonts, Jelloween, Joe Bob Graphics, John Moore, John Vargas Beltran, Just Another Foundry, JustMyType, K-Type, Karandash, Kenn Munk, Kingsley ATF, Klim Type, Klingspor, Kontour Type, Kostic, Kustomtype, La Goupil, Lanston Type Co, Latinotype, Letraset, Letterbox, Letterhead, Letterjuice, Letter Perfect, Letters From Sweden, Lian Types, Linotype, Looseleaf Fonts, Lucas Fonts, LudwigType, Lux Typographic, MAC Rhino Fonts, Magpie PaperWorks, Manuel Ramos, Mark Simonson, MartinPlus Fonts, Matt Grey Design, Mecanorma, Melle Diete, Microsoft, Miller Type, Misprinted Type, Monogram Fonts, Monotype, Morganismi, Morisawa, Nerfect, Nick Curtis, Nonpareille, Nootype, NovoTypo, OkayType, OMtype, Optimo, OurHouseGraphics, OurType, OutrasFontes, P22, PampaType, Parachute, Paragraph, ParaType, PeGGO Fonts, Pelavin Fonts, Philatype, Pintassilgo Prints, PlayType, Poole, Positype, Presence Typo, PrimeType, Process Type Foundry, Proportional Lime, Protimient, Prototype Fonts, Providence Type, PsyOps, Re-Type, Red Rooster, RMU, Rosetta, RuiAbreu, Scannerlicker, Schizotype, Scholtz, Scriptorium Fonts, SelfBuild, ShinnType, ShyFoundry, Sideshow, SignDNA, SMeltery, SoftMaker, SparkyType, Stawix, Stephen Rapp, StereoTypeHaus, Stereotypes, Stone Type, Storm Type, StuArt, Sudtipos, Sugargliderz, Suitcase Type Foundry, Suomi, T-26, T4, TeGeType, Terrestrial Design, Test Pilot, The Fontmaker, The Fontry, The Northern Block, The Type Fetish, Thinkdust, ThreeIslandsPress, Tipo, Tipografia Ramis, Tiponautas, Tipo Pepel, Tipo Type, Tiro Typeworks, Tkachev, TourDeForce, TrueBlue, Typadelic, Type-O-Tones, TypeArt, Typeco, Typedepot, Typedifferent, Typefolio, Type Innovations, Typejockeys, Typerepublic, Typesenses, TypeSETit, TypeSupply, Typetanic Fonts, TypeTogether, TypeTrust, Typo5, Typoart, Typocalypse, Typodermic, Typofonderie, Typonine, Typotheque, Urtd, URW++, V-design, Vanarchiv, VersusTwin, VetteLetters, Victory Type, Volcano, Wiescher Design, WoodenType Fonts, Wordshape, WritLarge, Wundes, Yellow Design, YouWorkForThem, YourOwnFont, Zang-O-Fonts, Zetafonts

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Harris Kisseoglou
Operations Manager


+8 # Chris764 2014-10-02 03:30
Definitely not regretting purchasing this software.

This shows you really care for your product and are willing to do the best you can for your customers. You don't really see this commitment to quality nowadays. I really do appreciate this and I'm sure others do to. Keep up the great work! :-)
+5 # Harris Kisseoglou 2014-12-01 16:59
Thank you for your kind words.

We love to hear comments like these, it's what keeps us inspired and working hard for you.

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