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Identify fonts in complex images

Complex ImageLast week we had a request on our Forum to help identify the font used in a complex (deformed) image.
Although Jim has been using Find my Font for quite some time now, he couldn't figure out how to identify the font in the following image.

This post serves as a tutorial on how to use the Image Correction and Deformation tool to prepare the complex image for proper letter selection and font identification.

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Why are we changing the price

Price ChangeWe hope you are enjoying the benefits of Find my Font. Our vision has always been to offer a great product and services at the best price, and we're committed to delivering tangible value on a consistent basis.

We are writing to you to inform you about an upcoming price change. Before we give you the details, we'd like to give you some background and the rationale behind the price change.

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Why you'll love Find my Font twice as much

Samples of new fontsIt took us a lot of time and many developers but we finally did it. Our online font database now includes more than 125,000 unique typefaces. At the same time we reduced the average online matching speed to less than 3 seconds. What this means for you is that you will be able to identify almost any font in existence and you will do it faster than ever. 

Here's how we did it.

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Welcome to the Find my Font blog

Welome to the Find my Font blog

Well, we finally got around to it.

We've wanted to do it for ages but somehow never managed to put fingers-to-keyboard until now....
So, drum-roll please... welcome to the Find my Font Blog.

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